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·Honeysuchle flowers extract..
·Cortex eucommiae extract..
·Loquat leaf extract/rosemar..
·Lagerstroemia speciosa extr..
·Bitter apricot seed extract..
·Polygonum cuspidatum extrac..
·Vine tea extract ..
·Rosemary extract..
·Gastrodia elata extract ..
·Green coffee bean extract..

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Hunan E.K HERB Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, it is a modern enterprise engaged in extracting and purifying functional and active ingredients of plants. With the support of new and existing customers, the company has developed into a large-scale enterprise in the industry. The company is capable of developing new products with advanced production equipment and high research level; and it has perfect enterprise platform based on exquisite technology and top-grade qualities. We are striving to improve enterprise image by sincere service consciousness and high-level service attitude. We are people oriented, and we strive to produce high-quality products, and to create more social values and economic benefits.

Yike is dedicated to producing high-purity products, at present, our superior products include: 98% honeysuckle chlorogenic acid, 98% eucommia ulmoides P.E, 98% green coffee bean chlorogenic acid, 98% cany tea extract dihydromyricetin, 98% rosmarinic acid, 50% carnosic acid, 98% ursolic acid, 98% almond extract D(-)-Amygdalin hydrate, etc. The company has developed by-products of main products for meeting the requirements of customers. Our products have been applied in several fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and they are highly praised by customers for reasonable prices, and top-grade qualities.

At present, the company has two standard large plant extraction and purification production lines, has small and medium-sized plant extraction and purification pilot line, and hundred thousand grade postprocessing clean workshop. It has modern research laboratory and quality monitoring room, and has high performance liquid chromatograph, gaschromatograph, atomic absorption, microbiological detection and other instruments. Moreover, the company has perfect institutional framework, including, technical center, production department, quality inspection department, financial department, human resource department, logistics department, etc. We have declared two invention patents: "preparation technology of high-purity chlorogenic acid", and "preparation technology of high-purity lycopene", and we have successfully achieved production license for industrial and mineral products (QS production permit). Based on powerful R&D team, strict quality control system, and scientific management system, we can assure the customers of high quality products.

Yike will be your loyal cooperative partner!